Exclusivo: Hablamos con Tom Giesler (otra vez)

Tom Giesler es difícil de encasillar. O es un artista norteamericano que hace infografías muy locas sobre el funcionamiento de ciertas partes de su cuerpo. O su cinismo tan poderoso lo puede llevar a inventar cosas que pueden convertirlo en salvador del planeta.
entrevista1 Why patents for his inventions are free to the public?
I am developing these patents as a way of helping to save the planet. Some of the patents involve the reduction of resources. Other inventions offer alternative energy sources. There are a so many renewable energies these days but little effort has gone into developing nano-energy sources. If each person could create electricity while going about their daily activities we could harness energy to allow us to shut down electrical plants world-wide and cut down on greenhouse gases. The more people who takes these ideas and start Green companies of their own the better chance we have of saving the population of this planet from extinction.

2 Which of his inventions you've managed to improve life as we know it?

All of the inventions I am offering to the public have the potential to improve lives, reduce global warming and stopping the development of new landfills.

3 You have heard of some people who have tried to implement some of his inventions?

The project is just getting off the ground and I have only today made this gift public. I will post a list of companies that grow out of my inventions as it becomes available.
4 How soon created the EZzzz Electrical Generator? How was the creative process? It occurred while sleeping?
Well, none of these patent ideas are actually patents yet. They are just very innovative, future-looking, environmentally friendly inventions that I believe someone will want to start a company with. The premise of this project is to simply be the creative vision for those who have scientific and corporate skills to get the ideas implemented. As an artist I can envision great ideas but do not have the engineering or business sense to make the product.

5 What is his book "Reduce, Reuse, Reinvent: Free Patents That Will Save Our Galaxy."?

I began the project after years of asking myself what I could do to improve life as we know it. The patents I am offering for free to the public can be used as seeds for starting your own unique Green company free of charge. Just add venture capital and they will grow.

6 Not easy being an inventor. How you could define the creative process that leads to an invention?
Inventions come to me as I walk through my daily life. Sometimes the ideas jump out at me because the problem is so obvious, like the amount of diapers we use on our babies butts. Other times they creep up on me as I sleep, like when I wake up in my bed sweating or with flatulence and wonder what else might be done with all that extra heat. I then sketch a model of the idea and run a few equations to see if it would work. Ultimately these ideas need to be tested by the company that adopts the invention, and also by the public.

7 Who can become an inventor? Anyone can create something? What personality traits should have a person dedicated to making things up?

Anyone can be a visionary and inventor. Often the great inventors of our time did not have all of the skills to actually engineer, produce and promote their inventions. If people take these ideas and start saving the planet with the companies and products that spin off of my inventions, that will be enough repayment for me.


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